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FM11 Airtox Safety Shoe

FM11 Airtox Safety Shoe

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Airtox Safety shoes FM11

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The FM11 style from Airtox is a Super Charged all-round lightweight and very breathable safety shoe. This style offers Airtox’s iconic nail guard: Whitelayer®. This material was originally developed in the United States as a special project for the American elite soldiers, Navy Seals, who required bulletproof vests that were particularly lightweight and flexible. Whitelayer® is extremely flexible and at the same time stronger than steel. The integrated Whitelayer® nail guard in the FM11 only weighs 32 grams and is thus 55% lighter compared to other textile nail guard materials. As an added bonus, the material is highly flexible, breathable and moisture controlling. The FM11 offers an extraordinarily high level of comfort and is very slip-resistant and heat resistant up to 300°C. The upper is powered by the PowerBreeze® air flow system, which helps provide efficient breathability and increased air-circulation in the shoe. The style is metal-free, very breathable and only recommended for use in areas that don’t require water resistance. Medium duty. ESD EN ISO 20345 S1-P SRC ESD HRO